Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Hi once again. I have been hoping to do something as always. I've been hoping to go to Nymans (that is a place were you can walk and bring your dogs with you) Mum says we will go in the holidays. 

What I have made. 
My Nana got me a set of peg dolls but I've only done 1 head so far (you need to paint the hair). 

Did you know that it is the summer break from school .......... ? 
It is only the 5th day. In the summer break we have a lot planned at the minute. I'm so excited to do everything.

My new dolls  
I found a cool doll it has a attachable head and different hairs and different faces on each sides of their heads.  On my brother's birthday I got 2. Here they are:

I'll be back soon, Millicent. 

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