Tuesday, 17 January 2017


This week I have started an Instagram account to show my art an these are the ones I have put on so far. 

I got this one from Lisa Congdon {I LOVE IT, THAT IS WHY I USED IT} at the moment I am wanting to know more about the moon and the sun and then I saw this. 

I used water for these two, and a black pen.

I used a soft black pen and smudged it with water.

I did these with Fatface bags it was very fun.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Hi once again. I have been hoping to do something as always. I've been hoping to go to Nymans (that is a place were you can walk and bring your dogs with you) Mum says we will go in the holidays. 

What I have made. 
My Nana got me a set of peg dolls but I've only done 1 head so far (you need to paint the hair). 

Did you know that it is the summer break from school .......... ? 
It is only the 5th day. In the summer break we have a lot planned at the minute. I'm so excited to do everything.

My new dolls  
I found a cool doll it has a attachable head and different hairs and different faces on each sides of their heads.  On my brother's birthday I got 2. Here they are:

I'll be back soon, Millicent. 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Hello again

Hi again I am sorry I have not been on for a while because I have been busy. So I haven't had  time to write my blog. But my big news is I got a stick bot (A stick bot is an animated thing that you can also play with).

How I got it. My brother has got one too

I went to Tesco. My  mum said I should get a StickBot but I said no because I thought I would not play with it very much, but I was wrong.

I got my gold badge at school { what I mean is we need to get merits { merits are something you get if you have been good. I am on my third badge} I am in year 2 and going into year 3.

Did you know I have been knitting? On Saturday I got new wool. On Crafts from the Cwtch there is an extremely good cowl it is black and white. It is like that.

Styled and photographed by 'Millicent' - see more here
The show 
Did you know I go to a dance club and last Saturday I performed 6 dances.  I was so tired I also stayed there till 8pm. I did ballet and I did street dances.

On 10.7.16 I did a doh vinci { It is a thing you can do it is like play dough - you put it in some thing a bit like a gun}. 

and it is a picture frame as well.
(Words and photos entirely by 'Millicent')

Saturday, 13 February 2016


When you are in West Sussex it's a bit of a long time to get to Wales but we went last weekend because our family lives in Wales.  

Daffodil facts ...
Daffodils are the national flower of Wales. 
- The inner petals mace a trumpet shape.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

My holiday to Centre Parcs Longleat

Just before Christmas  me and my family went to Centre Parcs and we went to Santa's grotto. We were waiting in an ice tunnel which was like it was real. There was Olaf (from Frozen), a penguin and a polar bear. Penguins and Polar bears do not live in the same place, so you don't normally see them together. 

The santa's beard was real because obviously it was itchy and when he pulled it, it didn't come off. He had a brighter beard than I would expect, and the books looked like they were painted to the wall which looked like they weren't really real. It was a good idea, but don't try it.

I would like to go back for more fun adventures. 

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to Millicent Makes. First I will tell you my real name is not Millicent, but you can call me Millie. I want to be a blogger because my mum is one too, and it looks fun.

I am six and I am creative so I will be blogging about kids' crafts and things I like to do. I'll have some help on the way and I hope you enjoy it.